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International Welcome Day

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The National University of Public Service has gained great popularity at the international level with its fall semester opening with 124 incoming students from all around the world.

The students were greeted with the traditional “Welcome Day” ceremony on 14 September in the Assembly Hall of the Ludovika Campus. The international students were welcomed by Dr. (Pol. Col.) Judit Nagy, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, as well by several Deans and Vice-Deans from NUPS’ faculties.

The domestic appreciation of NUPS is further enhanced by the increasing level of interest in its programmes at the international level. While most incoming students arrive through the Erasmus+ Programme, an increasing number of students start their MA and PhD studies at NUPS based on the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme or their respective individual self-financing.

This semester 94 exchange students have arrived from Europe via the Erasmus+ Programme. Furthermore, 30 students have come from non European countries, representing several nationalities from Africa and Asia.

NUPS has reached remarkable achievements in Hungary in Erasmus+ international credit mobility projects and is currently among the leading universities receiving support for mobility beyond Europe. Consequently, and due to the national Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship, the ratio of international students at NUPS is continuously growing, just as the scope of sending countries and the ratio of incoming students from non European countries. An integral part of NUPS’ internationalisation efforts is to have these students actively engaged in university life. Accordingly, both central administration, faculty and student organizations strive for a quicker and more efficient integration process as well as for more available services.