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US Refugee Question from a Different Angle

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The event series of the ‘Extremism, Religious Extremism Ludovika Research Group’ continued with the lecture and roundtable discussion by Dr. Joanne Washington titled “The Role of Religious Organizations in the Training of People Who Will Encounter Casualties of Armed Conflicts”. The European Union financed research group welcomed the renowned communication expert at the Faculty of Military Science and Officer Training of the National University of Public Service on the 6th of October 2017.

In her introduction, Dr. Washington drew a quick outline of the training and education systems in the United States for those, who work with refugees. Right from the beginning, she stressed that the methods in these processes are mostly applied and not theoretical in the US.

In the following section, Dr. Washington explained the theory of what she called: the “resilience factor”. Understanding this helps all those personnel dealing with refugees to understand the factors that help those in the greatest danger, feeling for their lives to prevail and survive. The bonds of the family and the relationship of the social worker, law enforcement official or soldier to the family are really important in these cases. The ADDIE model, which was developed at the University of Florida, was also presented to the audience. This model is used in the training of American armed forces personnel.  ADDIE stands for: Analysis, Design, Development, Improvement and Evaluation, and it could be an effective model in the training of those, who deal with refugees too.

In the closing stages of the lecture, the audience could also see a video containing a case study of the practices of the American refugee integration process.

Throughout her successful academic career, Dr. Joanne Washington has mostly worked in the field of training and teaching development. She received her Ph.D. from Indiana University in 1993, and also worked with many organizations helping underprivileged people and minorities. Her academic career is also closely connected to Clarion University, where she was the Chair of the Department of Communication. Since 2017, she has been employed as a Research Assistant of the Office of Education at Marymount University.

The next event of the ‘Extremism, Religious Extremism Ludovika Research Group’ is on the 19th of October with a workshop titled “The Question of War in Religions”.